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Novelty Pipes

These themed, unique novelty pipes are perfect for the inner geek in all of us. Hand crafted by skilled artists from all over the world, these pipes contain intricate details and fun characteristics that are sure to be a conversation starter in any sesh. We carry a variety of novelty pipes to help pay tribute your favorite sport, food, show, character, hobby, and so much more! Choose from hundreds of designs of unique, novelty pipes at

We have an enormous selection of smoking pipes. In-fact, probably the best in the world! You can choose from hand, spoon, or novelty pipes in a range of materials, including borosilicate glass, wood, soapstone, meerschaum, metal and anodised aluminium. Our premium quality pipes are sure to please the discerning connoisseur but for those looking for inexpensive pipes to get you started, you’ll find styles and prices to suit every smoker.

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