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Steamrollers are hand pipes designed for the more experienced smoker. Steamroller hand pipes are similar to a chillums in the fact that they provide a straight shot from the bowl to mouthpiece but are typically much larger, have a top bowl, and produce a much larger hit for a livelier crowd. Steamrollers typically feature an open end opposite the mouthpiece that acts as a carb. These carbs can be wide open so that you can cover it with your palm or smaller similar to spoons that you cover with your finger. Steamrollers featuring larger carbs with provide bigger hits. carries a variety of steamrollers to choose from, including brand names like GRAV, Headway, Glowfly Glass and many more. These steamroller hand pipes can be made from a variety of materials including glass, acrylic, metal and wood. If you're the party type or tired of tiny hits, pick up a steamroller and enjoy a brand new smoking experience. Order online at the best price!

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