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Large Bongs

Large bongs make a great gift to the stoner in your life and make for a great sesh in the comfort of your home. The bong's size makes for a bigger rip and a longer lasting high, making the big bong the life of the party!

Whether you want a simple design, or you want a big bong, we have the greatest selection of big bongs. Choose the big bong that best suites your needs! Bigger bongs mean bigger rips and bigger clouds, making them real crowd pleasure. Everyone gets excited when you whip out a big bong. They may not have been made for maximum portability, but big bongs are awesome to look at and even more fun to use.

Our selection of big bongs has something for everyone. We stock big heady bongs, big scientific bongs, big girly bongs, big colorful bongs, and big bongs loaded to the gills with percolators. One of the best things about a big bong is how many percs you can fit inside, so you can find everything from diffused downstems to triple chamber setups below. What kinda of big bong are you looking for? Shop online here.

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